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The Mattioli Woods Structured Products Fund provides a way of benefiting from the returns of structured products as part of a diversified investment portfolio

The Structured Products Fund is a diversified portfolio of individually created structured products. Structured products aim to deliver fixed returns over the long term*. Each structured product is an investment into a domestic, international, and/or sector-specific index, or a range of those indices. The Fund itself is designed to deliver growth, with volatility less than that of leading global equity indices over the long term.

*Your investment does not have a capital nor return guarantee.

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Prior to the launch of the Mattioli Woods Structured Products Fund, our structured products plans have provided returns well above the equivalent bank deposit rate. Since 2005, the average annual return on our matured structured products plans (held outside of the Fund) has been 7.56%*. The performance of the Fund itself can be viewed on the Monthly Factsheet or by clicking here.

*Mattioli Woods' internal calculations. Figures correct as at 26 February 2020.


Current Market Exposure

Key Facts

  • Portfolio Manager: Lyxor International Asset Management
  • ISIN: LU1440702675
  • Launch Date/Price: 28.11.16 at £1.00
  • Dealing Day: Every business day as per the Prospectus
  • Minimum Investment: £1,000
  • Base Currency: Sterling

About Mattioli Woods PLC

We employ over 500 staff
On behalf of our clients our investment in stuctured products since 2005 is over £250
Producing an average annual return of 6.55%