Mattioli Woods is a leading UK provider of wealth management and employee benefits. By building long-term relationships, our aim is to provide trusted advice, high standards and personalised delivery.

We provide our clients with an all-embracing and integrated approach that is designed to develop a clear strategy for financial plans, supported by sound investment and taxation initiatives. Our clients want to be confident in the advice we give and for strategies to be administered quickly and efficiently.

Our employee benefit solutions (whether off the shelf or designed especially for your business) will help to achieve the right mix to attract, motivate, retain, and engage the best team.

Pension planning and clients’ wider wealth management issues cannot be developed effectively in isolation, particularly when there are so many competing demands on our clients’ income. We can proudly claim to be a leader in the field of self-invested personal pensions (SIPP) and small self-administered schemes (SSAS), and such arrangements are often central to our clients’ pension strategy.

We take full account of the wider opportunities, including ISAs and other forms of personal investment, taxation and trust planning, and work with our clients to develop a balanced financial plan.

We also offer our financial planning service where our consultants can offer you expert advice on all retail investment products, such as life policies or pension planning. Where our own DFM, SIPP and SSAS solutions are not suitable for your needs, we can recommend a choice of offerings from other firms supported by unbiased, rigorous research. By promoting our own DFM, SIPP and SSAS solutions in the first instance, we have chosen to be classified as providing ‘restricted advice.’

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Investment Managers

Our investment team manage funds with conviction, never forgetting that it is our clients’ money. The team rigorously review funds, selecting (and deselecting) investments, so that we can provide the very best investment options.

Investment Operations

Our systems are flexible and rigorous in providing accurate up-to-date information. At the heart of our service is the operations team who ensure our clients’ affairs are managed in an efficient manner.

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