The Mattioli Woods Structured Products Fund

The Mattioli Woods Structured Products Fund provides a unique way of benefiting from the returns of structured products as part of a diversified investment portfolio. The structured products fund complements our portfolio management service and Custodian Capital property proposition within our clients’ portfolio of investments.

Over the last ten years, 45 of the structured products plans Mattioli Woods has put together for clients have matured. The average annual return on these plans is 6.55%, and 4.44% have returned less than the original investment.

What are structured products?

Structured products allow investors to purchase investments with returns linked to an underlying asset class such as a basket of shares or an index over a period that matches their investment plans. The returns for all structured products have a preset formula so the investor knows the potential risks and returns from the outset of their investment.

Why structured products?

Many of our clients will be familiar with structured products, and will have enjoyed the returns provided by our investment in structured product plans since 2005. Structured products can add the following to a portfolio:


What is the objective of the structured products fund?

The Structured Products Fund is a diversified portfolio of individually created structured products. Structured products aim to deliver fixed returns over the long term*. Each structured product is an investment into a domestic, international, and/or sector-specific index, or a range of those indices. The Fund itself is designed to deliver growth, with volatility less than that of leading global equity indices over the long term.

*Your investment does not have a capital nor return guarantee.

The annual management charge for this fund will be 0.75% per year. A charge of approximately 0.22% per year will be made to cover additional costs such as custodian, administration and audit fees. The fund’s total expense ratio (TER) is therefore estimated to be 0.97% per year.